Since we commenced in 2019, up to summer 2023, we have had enrolled on our courses:

14 staff from State Steiner Primary Schools

23 staff from Independent Steiner Schools - Primary & Secondary

8 mainstream primary teachers

1 mainstream secondary teacher

9 people attending for their own personal development / with an interest in becoming Steiner Teachers.

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"As I start a new year of teaching this September, I am enriched and nourished by all that I have learnt at the SMIM Training." Maria. Primary School Teacher

"I just want to give you feedback on the remarkable work you have done in transforming our teachers... they have got confidence, they have got trust in themselves and how things work; they have got knowledge, they know so much more... it is wonderful to see the quality of work that shines out of their classrooms. The quality of drawings and stories and blackboards. And a remarkable influence in training your students how to do Class Plays. How to write plays, how to manifest them, how to stage manage them, the props and the costumes and the speech work...Thank you so, so very much for what you have been doing, making our school into something that can shine" Irish Steiner School Teacher Mentor