Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses only for Primary School Teachers?

No, they are for Teachers at all levels from Early Years to Second Level from Steiner and non Steiner schools, and for people interested in becoming Steiner teachers.

Core Elements of Steiner Education is an introductory course and is of value not just for teachers, but also for support staff, school board and committee members, parents and individuals by informing and inspiring them and consolidating their support and commitment in deepening their discovery around this education. It is also an opportunity for initiative groups who may want to train up their own teacher, as Core Elements of Steiner Education can be taken as a standalone introduction to Steiner education or as the 1st year of a 3 year part time Steiner Teacher training.

While the main focus of the course is primary education (4-12yrs), including the Kindergarten years, we adapt the course according to who is taking part and can offer specific focus on early years, teenage years as well as looking at specific aspects of the curriculum in more detail, through the mentoring groups that are part of the course.

Core Elements of Steiner Education covers the developmental picture of the child from 0-21 years and reveals how the Steiner curriculum can meet the child on that developmental continuum through archetypal themes and activities that address the whole unfolding human being through head, heart and hands.

The course also addresses the inner path of the teacher, cultivating the awareness of your own biography, strengths and challenges that are drawn to work in the service of young children.

Previous Core Elements of Steiner Education participants have come from all over the country, including teachers from both state and independent Steiner primary and secondary schools as well as teachers from mainstream primary and secondary schools who want to bring the insights from the course to their own teaching practice, as well as, individuals interested in being supportive of a new initiative or their school, their children's education, for their own interest and personal development, as well as those interested in becoming a Steiner Teacher. Core Elements of Steiner Education runs part time over 6 weekends

Years 2 and 3 of the teacher training, "To the Heart of Steiner Education" and "Resolve, Resilience & Readiness" are a more intensive thematic immersion. Years 2 & 3 each run over 7 weekends plus 2 weeks outside of term time.

Does the training qualify you to teach in any Steiner School in Ireland?

With regard to teaching in an Irish Steiner Primary School, the state supported schools require teachers to have a primary teaching degree. The independent schools each have their own requirements, not necessarily including a primary teaching degree and valuing having Steiner Teacher training.

Experience has shown that it is very challenging for a teacher with no background in Steiner education to step into teaching in a Steiner school because of the particular approach of the Steiner teaching method and curriculum.

What qualifications and experience do I need to apply for the course?

Core Elements of Steiner Education has no particular requirements for entry. Continuing on to the 2nd year of the training requires you to have completed Core Elements of Steiner Education or similar.

Is the training recognised?

The course is recognised by Lifeways Ireland and Bláthú the Steiner Early Childhood Association as evidence of commitment to Steiner Pedagogy and ongoing engagement with CPD, the hallmark of a Steiner Teacher. Lifeways Ireland CLG are the body who carry responsibility for the ethos of the ETB Community National Schools offering a Steiner education.